Chubby Olympics

Apologies for such an interesting post, but brainstorm I must. My goal here is to solidify in this head of mine WHY I am about to change EVERYTHING. I have GOT to get into shape, people!

I'll spare you the whole "my metabolism hates me speech" and get straight down to facts. I am NOT skinny and I'd be lying if I said that something close to that wasn't my goal. I am not an over-eater, or an inactive person. I'm a very health conscious chick that can not, for the life of me, seem to lose my unwanted weight.

Part of my problem?

1. I think I should be able to eat sweets like my skinny husband. NOT SO!
2. I drink an occasional pop.
3. I never eat breakfast.
4. I don't eat much of a lunch. Sometimes not at all.
5. Dinner usually takes place between 7 and 9PM. It's our largest meal, and I stay up until after midnight to make sure it digests.

Am I aware that this is completely screwed up? Sigh. I know breakfast should be the largest meal and if I were to skip a meal it should be dinner. I know! I know! These are the changes I must make.

I'm convinced that getting any extra weight off will not only make me extremely happy, but it will help this inherited disc thing I've got. I'm also convinced that if I don't get the unwanted pudge off now, I'll just have more trouble getting it off in the future. After 30 you're screwed, right? I want to be healthier now!

In the past I visited the gym 4 times a week. On those four days I ran four miles on an elliptical and swam 700 yards-FOR FOUR MONTHS!! That's 16 miles and 2,800 yards a week, and I lost a disgusting eight pounds. EIGHT!

Along with this exercise routine I stopped drinking anything carbonated, practically foundered myself on water, and attempted eating breakfast on a daily basis. Having low blood sugar, this often results in vomiting, which is NOT good for morale. Anyhow, combined with my already vegetarian diet, I assumed that I would lose more than eight measly pounds! I mean, it's healthy and very possible to lose 2-3 pounds a week! I apparently averaged a whopping .5 pounds a week. Seriously.

I went as far as I could and then some. My boss/gym partner kept up for a while, but eventually stopped competing. I'd be lying if I didn't have my little theme of "Another One Bites The Dust" playing in my head. I am aware that I'm annoyingly competitive.

I'll never forget my chiropractor's attempt to get me to ease up on my exercise routine, due to my degenerative disc disease. He said, "Exercise is always good, but remember, we're not preparing for the olympics."

I bet I envisioned the Chubby Olympics for the entire adjustment. ^__^

Perhaps this isn't impressive to many of you. Perhaps you run and swim farther. Perhaps I'm a weenie and just don't know it, but I am tired of achieving a quarter of the results most people accomplish, and being expected to deal.

So, I have no problem with hard work. I'm going to attempt switching things around. I'll work out in the wee hours of the morning, instead of right after work. I will eat a big healthy breakfast if it kills me. I will finagle my metabolism into kicking it into high gear. I just hope my back doesn't try to kill me again.

Wish me luck.


  1. spicy food - that's the secret - spicy food increases your metabolic rate - thus burning more calories and helping you loose more weight.

    You're more than welcome anytime you want to "bring sexy back" with Matthias and Me!!

    Oh...and I can't loose weight either - I even adopted an eating disorder of sorts and couldn't loose weight!!

  2. i KNOW - my hubby can eat anything and everything he wants to - but if i just look at that food wrong - WHAM it's on my hips.


    maybe with all the working out you did and only losing 8 lbs - you put on more muscle and therefore didn't lose as many pounds as you want? maybe you lost inches instead? maybe?

  3. Ari-Spicy kills me! I am looking into herbal metabolic boosters though. There has to be some herb out there that kicks my starvation mode metabolism into gear.

    Kelwhy-I do build muscle easily. We'll see. In a couple of months if I'm buff with no boobs we'll know what came and went. ^__^

  4. I am very impressed with all the running and swimming. I would try not to get bogged down in the losing weight aspect of it. I get too discouraged - i just try to focus on being healthy.


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