The lovely Shannon from Tattoos & Cupcakes ganked this from Tia, and I just couldn't help myself. I know I said I'd be blathering about medical things soon, but I'm a bit of an escapist, and even though things are fine, I'm not ready to talk about them yet. Therefor I am so happy to come across this little meme.

Outside my window... there is a sky full of stars, and a backyard full of sleepy chickens.

I am thinking... that I should've kept up with how many times I sneezed today. I probably broke a record or something.

I am thankful for... trials. No, really. I am. They really teach me to be thankful. Without trials and scares, I would take a lot of things for granted, things I always want to appreciate, like my health and the people I love.

I am wearing... a really old night gown, like, from 13 years ago. It's baby blue with doggies on it, and is now far too short to wear when we have company.

I am remembering... John 14:27- Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

I am creating... character sketches for the children's story I plan to complete this year, waterdoodles for my etsy shop, a portrait of a friend's munchkin and a great deal of stress for myself, as usual.

I am going... to sleep. I've got to start getting more sleep, and being on time for things.

I am reading... The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. A dear friend of mine really wants me to, so we can discuss it, but I'm having a hard time getting into it.

I am hoping... that I feel better soon. This respiratory/sinus infection is making me feel like a snotty beast. :(

On my mind... I've been worrying about my mom and dad's health a lot lately.

From the kitchen... feathers are always flying, no matter how much I sweep. I pull up a chair for Kimchi Kitty to belong, whilst Mr. T and I prepare a healthtastic meal.

One of my favorite things... is to create things that make people happy. I love it. It makes me feel useful, important.

Noticing that... I am more confident in myself than I've ever been before. I haven't been as hard on myself, and I'm beginning to really be happy with me. (I stole this one from Shannon, and I'm so glad we can both say/type this.)

Okay, taking a minute on that last one. Seriously? This is huge deal, bloggers. Being able to say I'm more confident is one thing, but being able to post this cheesy picture of myself with bed head, lip stain and smudged eyeliner is another entirely. I'm not going to pick it apart and tear myself down. I don't have to thwart anything unpleasant someone might have to say about me. I'm just me, and gosh darn it, I like myself. (Please get that reference.)

Pondering these words... "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."


  1. I love that you did this. The first answer was so moving to me. In such a short sentance, it took me to another place. Loved this, Heather!

  2. And by sentance, I meant sentence. Oops!

  3. I love the crazy-lip-stained-picture!! I think you look cute! And sassy!

    Yay for trials and more confidence - I feel ya on both. Good luck with Fountainhead . . . I tried and gave up on it . . . oh! and "healthtastic" is now in my vocabulary

  4. That is a cute picture, Heather. And I'm with you on Fountainhead, it took me a while to get through.

    We need to Scrabble soon.

  5. fun post! and good for you for becoming more CONFIDENT! Working on that myself!

    Just came across your site from 20SB and thought I would say hello! My husband and I are currently living in Peru and for Easter we are doing a giveaway with the chance to win goodies from PERU! Come check it out :)


  6. I may steal this from you on a day I have nothing to post. Thanks in advance!!

  7. Aw that is awesomeness! Confidence is awesome, I lack that.

    We need to get you on iChat girly!


  8. Loved this! I'm glad you're more comfortable with your awesomeness Heather!

    Thanks for wishing me a happy blogiversary. Wink right back atcha.

  9. Ohhh you have curly hair too!!! Kickass picture!! I envy you for being confident in yourself & enjoying yourself. I'm trying to do that so hard that I forgot to actually do it. I love that you have chickens!! I go over to my friends with them all the time to play, they are so cute. Omg from the change of weather I've been sneezing everywhere too. Mucinex is supposed to be really good for sinuses, if you don't have meds dear. Good luck with your character sketches!!

    I should do the lettering like you do when you comment on my blog cuz woa that's alot of random sentences up there. I'm glad you ganked this! It was cool learning more about you! Thanks for the comment today & the advice! You guys are putting my head back in order for me & I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! thank u! *Hugs*

  10. Shannon- You can spell things however you want here, especially when you inspire the blog post. ^_^

    Ari- I seriously haven't had this much trouble reading a book since "Around The World In Eighty Days". I keep falling asleep!

    Apollo- Thank you, Austin. Yes, we do! I'm plotting with Ari *as I type*!

    Amanda- Hello 20SB! Thanks for reading my ramblings. I'm coming to check your blog out right now.

    Kayla- Please do. It's not even stealing, cause I'm all for it! ^_^ Hello, btw.

    Curious Illusion- I think it'll be a lifetime battle, but as I get wrinklier, my confidence seems to be growing. Maybe it's got something to do with elasticity??? :P I'm not really wrinkly...yet.

    Barry- Thanks, Barry. I'm getting there.

    Melanie- A.) Oh, yes. Curls that won't stop.

    B.) And I love my chickies, too. They're so silly.

    C.) I think I have some Mucinex (such a gross name, isn't it?)in my medicine cabinet, but I'm trying the doctor prescribed stuff for now. Doesn't seem to be working, though.

    D.) Bullets are the O.C.D. way to go! Though, your comment still makes sense without them. ^_^


    Jodi- Thank you, love. I miss you.

  11. fun post! hope you are having a great weekend!!

  12. Thanks, Iva. I thought it was pretty refreshing, so I stole it! :P Hope your weekend was lovely, too.

  13. You are BEEEE-UUU-TIFUL!

  14. I have a sinus infection too! And the anitbiotics I am on for it are almost worse than the actual infection..
    feel better soon.

  15. Amy, you sweet talker. ^_^

    Eva, I hope you get to feeling better soon as well! Stupid sinuses!


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