O Frabjous Day!

I've heard a lot of people claim that Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland" was humdrum. While I was surprised to hear such a thing from these people, it made me think. I thought, and thought and thought some more. Humdrum? Not so, I say!

I've read the book, and I've seen a myriad of versions/performances of it. While it wasn't Burton's normal claymation creeptastical genius, it still rocked. It stayed in tune with Carroll's work, with an emphasis on "The Jabberwocky"*, the acting was splendid and it was rich and gorgeous. I went in with incredibly high expectations, and I left happy.

That's not to say there weren't some things that bugged me about it, but those things were very few. Overall, I'd say it was refreshing, imaginative and I want to own it. Just don't see it in 3D. It seemed kind of pointless to me.

P.S. Depp's Mad Hatter is both unsettling and endearing, and I need one of Tim Burton's Bandersnatches a.s.a.p. ^_^

*The Jabberwocky poem and...

Thanks Youtube & Awesome parents/teachers.


  1. I enjoyed a lot, but I agree it was as TimBurnton-ey as his other stuff.

    Random Fact: I memorized "The Jaberwocky" when I was 7 and can still recite it perfectly . . .

  2. This kid could be you, Ari! You *must* watch the video when you get home! She could *so* be a distant relative. :P

    I have it memorized now, but no one ever even gave me that book when I as a kid. Blasphemy. I found it in the library myself, and thought I'd found some glorious undiscovered treasure. Sigh.

  3. Hmmm maybe I should watch it. When it comes out on DVD. The movie/book always creeped me out a touch when I was a kid. :p

  4. Meh, I'm glad you liked it but felt it was mediocre at best.

  5. I'm dying to see it. I am easily entertained, so I know I'll leave happy! :)

  6. Ari- The book is definitely dark, and this movie touches on that stuff, but you really have to look into it before it's evident. It is Disney, so it's not blatantly dark. It's a lot lighter than I expected.

    Shane- I know. You're one of "the lot" I was surprised to hear that from, seeing as we often see eye to eye on movies. I'm thinking I'm picky when it comes to some things, but not fun stuff. This was just like a Burton plaything to me. I know the story inside and out. My only expectation was for it to be something a little different.

    Shannon- Yeah. You'll like it. ^_^

  7. Hey!! I totally agree with you!! I thought it rocked and Johnny actually gave the character depth hehe, pun intended. I think people were expecting this absolute masterpiece so there expectations were too high to enjoy it. I tried to go in with a blank slate. The Jabberwocky was cool & I actually really liked Alice. The guards were awesome! I want one!

    So who is that cutie? She's adorable!!!

  8. Melanie- Of course we agree on this. We have matching pillow cases! ^_^

    I don't know who the munchkin is. I just happened upon her while searching something Jabberwock related. I love how she delivers "Come to my arms ,oh beamish boy". Kills me every time I watch it.


  10. Shannon- I knew you would. Now, let's get matching frumious bandersnatches, shall we?!

  11. Haven't seen it, but you've made me a little more likely to see it now!


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