I love Sufjan Stevens. Do you love Sufjan Stevens? Yes, of course you do. And I love his version of "Come Thou Fount". Love it. You can love it, too! It's not a very impressive video, but it's all I had time to find. Enjoy.

P.S. Be expecting an update on the gloriousness that is Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. Going tonight with a variety of wondermous people. Squee!


  1. love it! as soon as he started singing - that voice! and of course that is my favorite hymn.

  2. CoolBoy- Hello there.

    MadamRaspberry- I love it, too! Of course, my favorite is the old Irish one, "Be Thou My Vision". Ooh! Do you know all the verses to "Come Thou Fount"? The my shield and tower, power of my power one? Love it.


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