I Don't Roll On Shabbos III

Life has been so incredibly hectic, lately. I realize life happens and all, but I've totally been neglecting Mimsy here. For shame, I know. I'm already back to not rollin' on the sabbath, and you know what that means. Beautiful music.

Switchfoot's "On Fire"

I fully intend to blather about what's been going on with me as of late, medically and otherwise. Nothing gross, promise. It's just going to take more time and energy than I have to offer at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy the music.


  1. beautiful music indeed!

  2. Oh hun I hope your feeling okay!! It seems that this time is really hellish for everyone lately. I think its really cool that you have a day where you just try to relax & be at a lil peace. I do that on Sunday. I like switchfoot!

  3. Ari- Don't ya just love them?

    Melanie- I'm fine. A little thrown, but fine. I live for Saturdays. Really. I don't think I'd make it without them. ^_^

  4. I love Switchfoot's On Fire. Haven't listened to it in ages.

  5. I hope everything's ok! Take care! *hugs*

  6. Sid- It's definitely good stuff. Nice to "meet" you, and thanks for the comment!

    Karishma- Thanks, Karishma. I'm fine. I'll ramble about it soon.


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