I Don't Roll On Shabbos

As most of you folks already know (Isn't it adorable how I assume there's a plethora of you avid Mimsy subscribers?) , I'm a Christian that observes Saturday as a day of rest. It's called Sabbath. I've blathered about it before here, if you're in the least bit interested/confused/concerned.

I've run into a number of people that initially assumed that I was Jewish, because of the whole sabbath deal. Some of my dear friends like to tease, usually making reference to The Big Lebowski, calling me Walter and talking about not rolling on the shabbos. Cracks me up. I do love John Goodman, even as a foul-mouthed post traumatic stress disorder sufferer. Seriously, I know cursing is something a lot of people do, but oh my goodness, do the Coen brothers like to pack it into a movie.

Anyhow, it looks like I'm starting a little tradition here on the old blog called I Don't Roll On Shabbos. It'll be a little bit o' Saturday loveliness, some music, photos, etc. Last week it was the incredibly poetic Sufjan Stevens, and this week...

Ben Harper. The man could sing about liposuction and it would bring a tear to your eye, but his spirituals truly are beautiful. Enjoy!


  1. Sa-weet!

    A wink and a smile right back atcha Heather!


  2. Exactly what sort of flavor (denomination) are you? Not being critical, just very interested in religion, and how people view it. :)

  3. Barry- ;)

    Amy- I don't mind your asking at all. I'm Seventh-day Adventist. Oh, do you have plans for dinner tomorrow night? ^_^

  4. oh i like it! :) thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely idea, Heather! :)

  6. Boo. I missed the boat on the dinner. I'm sorry :-(. Just now getting to the comments on my reader. I've moved by the way, ames105.wordpress.com :) I had too many googles going on, lol.

  7. very very nice

    have a great day heather

  8. CuriousIllusion- ^_^

    Shannon- Why, thank you my platonic pod mate!

    Amy- I love your new bloggy place, and we'll definitely get dinner sometime. No worries.

    Coolboy- Thanks! I will. You too. ^_^


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