Rufous Hollow

Hiya, folks! How the heck are ya? I haven't got the time to read blogs that I had last year, so drop me a comment to let me know how you're doing. I think about you guys regularly, and hope you're well. That is if any of you "faithful few" are still around the blogosphere. 

Something I did find time for this year was getting my old tattoo covered. I've spent YEARS hating the snail tattoo I got when I was sixteen. I kind of felt like I just had to deal with it, since I promised myself that I'd only get ONE. I don't see myself with sleeves, and that's where I'd be headed without a strict one tattoo limit. I love them SO. I even have regular body modification dreams. 

Without further adieu, I'd like you to meet my little red phase screech owl, Rufous Hollow.

Rufous is my own illustration, and the amazing Greg Ross made him into an awesome coverup.
P to the S
My artwork is copyrighted, so it belongs to me. Just sayin', so I don't have to hunt anyone down to chop off my work. If you ever want to get a tattoo of any of my work, please ask me. If someone else isn't wearing it already, I'll happily give you permission.


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