Tiny Personal Triumph ,Yo.

Hello there, Blogosphere! 

Long time no see. Compose. Read? It's been a longer break than I'd intended to take way back when blogging, like a lot of things, had become a source of looming anxiety. I never had more than a handful of folks stopping by, but I liked those regulars, and felt like I was letting them down each time I neglected to write. The pressure to be cheery, clever, entertaining, or whatever expectation I'd self-inflicted became too much.  As a slightly mildly full-on neurotic mess, I couldn't deal with that pressure, so I stopped.  

All that being said, I'm finally learning that my feelings are just as legit as everyone else's, even if they don't exactly make sense. I think I'm in a much better head space now, and feel like I can balance being a comical wife, full-time artist, pet mom, and occasional blogger. Tiny personal triumph, yo! *thrusts tightened fist in air* 

So here I am blathering on about self proclaimed mental stability. What's new with you? I and my husband (I call him Mr. T.) still live in the boonies, adopt stray/rescue critters whenever we can, and are just as weird and wonderful as we've ever been. We celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary in March, and welcomed a bouncing baby bulldog into our lives right before last Christmas. 

Let me introduce you to Oona Louise, our newest addition, and my bestest friend. If you'd like excessive updates on her, she has her own Facebook fan page. 
Later gators. Talk to you soon! *mwah*


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